Flute Laminating Machine (Fully Automatic)

Automatic flute laminating machine designed to feed glossy paper into an automatic feeding system for color printing paper and corrugated cardboard laminating.
Glue amount adjustable according to the paperboard type
Work with single, double, or three ply corrugated cardboards

Flute Laminator (Semi-Automatic)

Suitable for laminating normal paperboard, bottom paperboard, ABCDE Flute corrugated cardboard and filmed paper.
Easy to clean the lower roller in the gluing section with a blade and circulating water

Rotary Die Cutter (Fully Automatic)

Leading edge rotary die cutting machine integrating creasing, grooving, stripping, and stacking functions
Automatic compensation to die cutting speed to make sure each batch of cardboard boxes is fully set according to the preset parameters
Paper feeding rollers are plastic coated to prevent cardboard from bunching

Rotary Die Cutter (Semi-Automatic)

Semi-automatic rotary die cutter for die cutting various types of corrugated paper and specially shaped packaging material
Imported polyurethane roller covering ensures long lifespan up to 10 million production cycles

Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting machine for producing a variety of plastic materials, interior car decorations, leather, and colorful cartons with overlay film
One piece casting technology and top quality materials used in the machine body

Semi-Automatic Flat Die Cutting Machine

Specialized die cutting machine applicable for different types of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper
Include a programmable controller and an easy man to machine interface to automatically show the working speed, paper amount and the total running time

Rotary Slotter

Rotary slotting machine with facer paperboard blank slotting, rolling, and trimming functions
Easy and fast to clean away paper scraps and make adjustments to the machine
Improved working efficiency due to convenient phase adjustment during the working process and stopping process

Die Slotter Machine

Die slotter machine for corrugated box processing and manufacturing
Use a chain feeder for paperboard feeding
Complete 1 time cutting, creasing, slotting, corner cutting, and other processes

Paperboard Feeding Machine

Automatic feeding machine used instead of chain labor to put the paperboard into downstream machines
Feature a magnetic clutch break mechanism to assure safety
Use a PLC automatic procedure to control the frequency converter drive motor in order to achieve automatic speed regulation

Slitter Scorer Machine

Thin blade slitter scorer with automatic and manual blade grinding function
Use the latest scoring techniques to avoid tears and ruptures during scoring of low, medium and high grade cardboard

Partition Inserting Machine

Automatic machines for a variety of carton inserts, including lattice partitions, knife cards, etc.
Automatic inserting each kind of clapboard and block
Vertical and horizontal sheets for decussation inserting

Honeycomb Cardboard Production Line

Automatic honeycomb cardboard production line controlled by a computer touch screen, easy for operation
Labor saving machine that can be operated by only 4-5 people
Complete all processes automatically, from paper feeding, through glue coating, laminating, drying, cooling, cutting to collecting

3/5/7 Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated cardboard production line for producing 3, 5, and 7-ply corrugated sheets
Support steam heating, electric heating, oil heating
Can produce corrugated cardboards with A, B, C, or E flute